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I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be my greatest achievement, and take pride in my high volume of repeat business and referrals.

Call me today - I'd love to add you to this growing list!

My wife and I worked with Joe on buying a home in San Diego during the summer of 2015 and our experience was first-rate all around. To my mind, what's most important when working with a real estate agent is that they first of all are knowledgeable and skilled at their job, of course, but also that you feel comfortable with them. What really stuck out for us about Joe was that not only did he do a fantastic job, but he is extremely friendly, easy-going, and fun to work with. The home buying process can obviously be very stressful, so we felt it was very important to work with someone who is relaxed and positive---Joe is definitely that type of person.


He also proved to be very knowledgeable in all realms: About the properties we were looking at, the locations, legal issues, zoning, etc. And along with that knowledge, he was very thorough in his research and in conveying relevant information to us. We definitely felt that we were well-informed throughout the process and anytime we had questions Joe either knew or found the answer.


The last thing I would mention is that Joe also does a great job making himself available to his clients. He was always easy to get a hold of and we felt throughout the process that he was always attentive to us and our needs. We ended up in the perfect house for us after the sellers accepted our initial offer. We felt that Joe was very skillful in working with the sellers' agent and strategizing based on the information he received from their end. And I would add that, while Joe is remarkably friendly and comfortable to be around, we felt that when tough questions had be asked or tense requests had to be made, he was behind us 100% and we always felt confident that he would go to battle for us when needed.


What more can you ask for than an agent who is knowledgeable, responsive, and yet also assertive? Based on our experience we found Joe to be an outstanding agent and we highly recommend him if you're looking for a home in San Diego.


Adam M.




I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a recent transaction.  I was assisting the buyer with the financing and Joe represented the buyer as their realtor.  Joe was great to work with and extremely professional.  The buyer told me that he was very satisfied with Joe's service and knowledge about the market. We were in constant contact throughout the transaction helping each other to get the deal closed.  With Joe's help we closed on time and it was a very smooth transaction.  If you are looking for an agent who is personable, expert in Central San Diego, and very easy to deal with, Joe is the right man for the job.


Scott M.



My husband and I had finally come to the realization that fitting two adults and a baby into a one bedroom apartment was no longer working. After asking around for realtor referrals, we were referred to Kimberly Schmidt (who is also great). Kimberly referred us to Joe and a great working relationship was born.

This was our first time buying property, so we were completely new to the process. Joe walked us through every single step with ease. He's a laid back guy who knows all of the ins and outs of the real estate industry. One of the things I really appreciated was not feeling uncomfortable about texting or calling him at any time. He never pressured us into anything and when going out to see properties, we valued his honest opinions.

Even when we made a big mistake during the escrow process (fyi: it's not okay to change jobs during escrow), Joe handled it with communication with our loan lender.


We're now getting ready to move into a much roomier two bedroom/two bath condo in La Mesa that we really love and none of it would have happened without Joe's help and guidance.


Billy and Alison B.



My Wife and I used Joe to help us purchase a condo in San Diego this past summer. Joe was always friendly, very responsive to our needs, he always answered our calls or got back to us immediately - even in the evening. He doesn't make you sign an exclusive contract with him as he wants you to stay with him because you feel satisfied with his service, not because you are locked i. He listened to our needs and helped us find our dream home, even when we needed to back out of an offer to do so. Our escrow process was very quick and relatively painless. I felt like Joe was an experienced negotiator and was knowledgeable about the market. I would absolutely recommend using Joe as your realtor.


Michael B.



If you're looking for an agent, look no further.  I was referred to Joe, and he ended up being the perfect fit.  He actually used to live in a unit right next to the one I bought! (Okay, so maybe he can't have THAT level of firsthand knowledge of every single property on the market...)  But Joe was great, and I'd have no hesitation recommending him to family and friends.  I was a first-time buyer, and Joe patiently answered all of my questions throughout the process.  He was very helpful every step of the way.  He even went above and beyond, doing things like going into the crawlspace to see if things had been installed properly, etc.  Don't let the low review count fool you - Joe is a top notch agent and gets a well-deserved 5-star rating from me!


Keith J.


My husband and I have lived in our 1st purchased home for almost 10 yrs.  As our family grew, we began to outlive the space a few years ago, and realized our mortgage was as far too high for the small square footage we were living in.  We wanted to get out our "under water" commitment, so once the market went up, Joe was our saving grace.  We never felt pressured by his suggestions, and he understood exactly what we needed and what we were looking for.  He helped us sell our home in record time and closed escrow in 30 days!!!  Joe took the time to review all the steps and explained the pros and cons, each and every time we met.  Joe went above and beyond, and I can guarantee he will do the same for you!  Joe is honest, friendly and down to earth.  He has great resources too, and knows the market.  I can honestly say, we felt blessed to have Joe as our realtor.


Angelica N.



We recently relocated to Georgia from Northern California and were in the market for a real estate professional to help us find a property in San Diego as a second home.  We were directed to Joe and count our lucky stars every day!  Joe helped us find an outstanding property and guided us through the offer and escrow process smoothly and efficiently!  And might I mention, all of this done while we live on the East Coast and Joe in San Diego.  Joe has gone above and beyond to help even after closing on our property by doing the legwork in securing tradesmen and getting estimates when we needed repair work done to our house.  It is abundantly clear that Joe's number one priority is doing the best job he can for all of his clients.  Thank you Joe!!


Christine K.



Joe provides excellent real estate services and goes above and beyond his realtor responsibilities! He immediately understood what we were looking for and showed genuine concern in finding us the right home. We are first time home buyers(just closed 1/28/13!!) and he showed great patience in answering our endless questions. Joe guided us well through a competitive housing market. He is so friendly and personable and was incredible to work with!


Lauren V.




Joe is one heck of a realtor and a great guy too!


My family and I are planning to relocate to San Diego and were looking to buy a house.  Fortunately, we were lucky enough to come across Joe from his Yelp reviews and man, are we happy we did!  We are first time buyers and Joe helped make the process as painless as possible.  He showed us multiple properties around the city, working around our limited time visiting San Diego.  When we saw houses, Joe listened to what we liked and didn't like.  There was absolutely no pressure; we truly felt like he wanted us to find a house we would be happy in.  Joe is extremely knowledgeable about the San Diego market and was a constant source of information on the properties we saw.  He went above and beyond expectations, returning calls and texts on the weekends and late at night.  Now that our house has closed, Joe is helping us get some simple repairs done through his repairman friend.  


We've already recommended Joe to our friends and will absolutely use him again next time we're buying or selling.


On top of all of that, he's just a nice guy and that really helps take the edge off what can be a stressful situation.  Highly recommended!


David C.



As good as it gets is right!!


Joe help my wife and me find our first home, a great little two BR bungalow in La Mesa. He walked us through every step of the process, helped us get our home loan, and got us a great home inspector.


Unfortunately, after a couple of years I lost me job and eventually hired an attorney to negotiate a loan modification. As it turned out, the attorney did absolutely nothing (I'll write another review about that) and the house went into foreclosure. I was told that nothing could done, this it was pretty much over, when out of the blue, Joe called me.


Joe found out from another agent that our house was in foreclosure and told me that "it's not over 'til the sheriff knock on the door and asks for your keys." Joe jumped into action and began the process of negotiating a short sale. He was relentless and kept me up to date every step of the way.


We were able to stay in the house for another three months and eventually short sold the house and got the second mortgage forgiven. now I can begin to rebuild my credit and will be eligible for another FHA loan in two years instead of seven.


Joe is all about taking care of his clients. If you're ready to buy a home or if you're thinking about buying a home in one, five, or ten years, get hold of Joe. You will not find a more dedicated, honest, or caring man to walk through the process.


Bill B.


We are first time homeowners thanks to Joe Mc Laughlin.  I still can’t believe how smoothly and easy he made it for us.  I approached Joe in January about us looking for a place to call our own.  By the end of February, we had found the place of our dreams and were moving in!!  Being first time homeowners, we needed to be walked through every step of the process, which Joe did, never once complaining about my incessant questions.  Instead, he anticipated most of them and explained every step and made sure we understood what we needed to do, before we were there.  I should start out at the beginning.

    First, Joe and I agreed, we should know exactly what I can afford.  He recommended a lender for us who also worked extremely hard for us.  I should note here that I have a modest income, but despite that, both Joe and the lender, never once made us feel like we weren’t important.  Instead, they both treated us like we were million dollar accounts.  They both worked extremely hard to get us the best deal we could, spending countless hours explaining things to us (sometimes over and over again) and negotiating for us.
    After we were pre-qualified, Joe began the arduous task of showing properties to us.  Even though we couldn’t afford a million dollar home, we were picky.  Joe must have shown us 30 different places all over the city, always enthusiastically, as if the next one was going to be “the one.”  I noticed that when he was showing us the properties, he never once tried to push us into any one place.  Instead, he actually pointed stuff out that we might have an issue with and would otherwise not notice, being first time buyers.  He also had a knack for remembering details about our lives that were important to us that would affect our home purchase.  Our lifestyle, pets, and our personal preferences were things he always kept in mind before and during a property showing.  When we finally found our place, Joe continued to impress us.
    The place we found was right on the edge of our price range and we would need a bit of negotiating to get it.  He got in touch with the selling agent right away and kept in touch with him every step of the way.  We made an offer and after a counter offer, we accepted.  Then was the bad news.  We found out we couldn’t quite qualify for the place because the HOA fees were a bit higher than what we anticipated; it was just slightly more than what we qualified for.  Joe didn’t give up though.  He knew how much we loved the place, and got the seller to drop his price to meet our budget and include closing costs!  What a roller coaster that was, but Joe helped smooth out the ups and downs by keeping a great relationship with the selling agent through all this and keeping a level head when we couldn’t.
    Not only did Joe keep a great relationship with the seller throughout, but he also referred us to all the professionals we would need advice from.  He found us a great home inspector that didn’t miss a thing.  After the home inspection, we found some HVAC issues.  Joe referred us to a wonderful HVAC guy who gave us his professional opinion and several different options on what it would take to fix the problems.  Needless to say, we used him for all the repairs, and he gave us a smoking deal, trust me, I shop around.  He told us he was only giving us this price because we were friends of Joe’s.  Now we have a great HVAC system in our new dream home too!!
    Closing was the best part, we opened escrow on January 30th.  Joe and our lender told us we should be able to close by the end of February.  I’ve heard all of the stories about delays, and we had a few too, so I wasn’t too optimistic.  But even with the hurdles we had to jump, we closed early.  We had the keys to our new home on the 24th!!!!!
    I can’t say enough about how wonderful Joe made our first home buying experience.  He found us our dream home at a price we could afford, walked us through every step of the way, encouraging us at the right times and brining us back to reality when we needed to.  Lastly, and most importantly, he made us feel like we were the most important clients he had ever had even though that was highly unlikely, given our budget.
James and Marcia D.

Dear Joe McLaughlin,


It is a pleasure of ours to write this letter thanking you for the help in purchasing our first home! Before our first meeting I will admit I had my armor up, mostly because this being our first property, I wanted to make sure I chose the right agent. By the end of our meeting I was feeling relieved to be working with you. I knew Angela and I selected a great person and professional to help us realize our dream. Your knowledge of the process is excellent; your patience with us incredible, and your honesty is refreshing.  Throughout the process, communication was timely and we always felt like an important client. Your positive attitude was really great to have, especially during those frustrating times of the process that were out of our hands. Your referrals for everything from lender to repair work are top notch, with a no bull attitude and solid quality. We can see the commitment to your clients and business connections is very important to you; it is evident by your willingness to go above and beyond for your clients, and the desire of others to reciprocate. Thanks so much for helping us achieve our goal of owning a home in San Diego!

We look forward to working with you in the future and will always recommend you as a premier Realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell in San Diego.






Derrick Schreiber and Angela Samaniego



Dear Joe,


Thanks for the help with our relocation! Please enjoy this coffee, it is from our new favorite coffee house.

We wish the rest of our relocation process had been as easy and painless as working with you on the sale of our home. Keep up the good work!


Matthew and Rebecca



 What other agents and professionals have to say:


Dear Joe,


Oh if only every transaction were so smooth, and every agent as efficient and cheerful as you, it would be heavenly!

Thanks for doing such a good job- let's do it again.


Pat Beatty


I had the pleasure of working with Joe on a recent transaction.  I was assisting the buyer with the financing and Joe represented the buyer as their realtor.  Joe was great to work with and extremely professional.  The buyer told me that he was very satisfied with Joe's service and knowledge about the market. We were in constant contact throughout the transaction helping each other to get the deal closed.  With Joe's help we closed on time and it was a very smooth transaction.  If you are looking for an agent who is personable, expert in Central San Diego, and very easy to deal with, Joe is the right man for the job.


Scott M.

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